Tokushige Hideki's 'Honebana': Bone Artist Uses Unlikely Medium To Create Haunting Floral Works (PHOTOS)

You Won't Believe What These Flowers Are Made Of

Tokyo-based sculptor Tokushige Hideki is known as the bone artist, and for good reason. The meticulous craftsman creates gorgeous replicas of flowers using stark white mouse bones, forming hauntingly beautiful designs with the most unlikely of media.

tokushige hideki

The process of transforming the deceased rodents into intricate floral artworks is not for the weak-stomached. Hideki must freeze his mice before picking out their bones and using the remains as fragile building blocks for his flowers, collectively known as "Honebana." He quickly photographs his constructed masterpieces and then smashes the sculptures, ending the delicate art ritual by burying the bones in the ground.

While Hideki's project might seem morose at first, a peak at his artist's statement reveals that the sculptor has more than a macabre interest in animal anatomy up his sleeve. His flowers are meant to reflect on the momentary nature of beauty; drawing attention to the fact that most creatures, both exquisite and repulsive, will reach their demise. In an email to The Huffington Post, the artist simply stated, "I hope that my artwork, Honebana, is spread all over the world."

Check out Hideki's morbid take on Ikebana in slideshow below and let us know your thoughts on his works in the comments. For more floral arrangements made from animal parts (yes, they exist), take a peek at Heide Hatry's "Not A Rose" series here.

Tokushige Hideki's 'Honebana'

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