Snoop Dogg Delivers 1 Of The Funniest Moments Of Olympic Commentary

The rap star tackled the dressage in Tokyo and F-bombs were dropped.

Rapper, actor and now ― dressage commentator?

Snoop Dogg’s analysis of the equestrian event at the Tokyo Olympics had people on Twitter in stitches.

“This horse is off the chain,” the rap star declared to actor Kevin Hart during their highlights show for NBC’s streaming service Peacock last week.

The pair were tasked with delivering cold commentary on footage of the competition.

“I got to get this motherfucker in a video,” Snoop added. “Motherfucker was off the chain.”

Watch the clip here:

Of course, Snoop has some experience in commentary ― he’s previously analyzed wildlife scenes to similarly comic effect.

Fans now want him to do more:

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