Roy Wood Jr. Congratulates All Olympic Athletes, With A Notable Exception

"The Daily Show" comedian also had some mock "props" for the International Olympic Committee.

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” correspondent Roy Wood Jr. has little time for the Russian athletes circumventing their country’s doping ban by competing under the Russian Olympic Committee banner at the Tokyo Olympics.

“So let me get this straight: Russia is allowed to compete in the Olympics under the name Russian Olympic Committee, but every time I try to show up to the club in VIP under the name Trevor Noah, folks got a problem. How that work?” Wood asked in a video documenting his favorite moments from Tokyo on Thursday.

“Props to the International Olympic Committee for sending a strong message to the rest of the world: ‘Do all the drugs you want, just make sure you set up a shell country first,’” he cracked.

“Congratulations to all the athletes who competed, except for the Russian Olympic Committee,” Wood concluded. “Fake ID-having motherfuckers.”

Watch the video here:

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