Breathtaking Tokyo Panorama By Photographer Jeffrey Martin Is Said To Be World's 2nd-Largest Photo

It took a photographer months to stitch together the approximately 16,000 pictures that were required to create what is said to be the world's second-largest photograph. The result is a panorama of Tokyo that has been astounding viewers with its extreme detail and expansiveness.

According to, photographer Jeffrey Martin spent two days last year atop the 1,093-foot Tokyo Tower, snapping a series of photographs of the cityscape below. With his Canon 7D camera, he took thousands of high-definition pictures in a circle and then spent about four months weaving them all together into a cohesive final product.

What he ended up with was a 150-gigapixel image that is 600,000 pixels wide. The Los Angeles Times points out that the average cell phone shoots photos that are about 3,000 pixels wide. If printed at photographic resolution, Martin's panorama would span a staggering 330 feet.

In a fun twist, Martin -- founder of, a website that collects and exhibits panoramic photos from around the globe -- has made the gargantuan image an interactive experience, allowing viewers online to explore the city of Tokyo from the comfort of their own home. The detail is extraordinary, and the zoom is so powerful that people can be spotted hanging out on their balconies and walking about on the streets.

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"It's the idea of creating a view that literally extends our senses far beyond what we can sense on our own," the photographer told "This image shows you orders of magnitude more stuff than you can see when you are actually there. Even if you are on Tokyo Tower with binoculars or a telescope, this image shows you more than you can possibly take in, in person."

Earlier this year, Martin was said to have broken the record for the largest photograph in the world, after he pieced together about 48,000 pictures of London into a 320-gigapixel panorama of the city.



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