Tokyo Thigh Advertisements Turn Young Women Into Walking Billboards (VIDEO)

A Tokyo public relations consultant has hatched the latest stunt in that advertising-saturated market: advertising on young women's thighs.

Hidenori Atsumi says that thighs are "an absolutely perfect place to put an advertisement as it is what guys are eager to look at and girls are okay to expose," and he recommends that the women wear miniskirts and high socks to draw attention to the branding.

Already over 3,000 young women have signed up for his program, which requires participants to walk around the city for eight hours a day with brands painted on their thighs. To be eligible, the women must be over 18 and have at least 20 connections on social media sites.

"I wouldn't do this if they put it on my belly or places that I'm embarrassed to expose," one participant said. "But if it's on my chubby thighs, what's the problem?"

Green Day and the Seth MacFarlane film "Ted" have already shown up on women's thighs in the Japanese capital.

tokyo thigh advertising