Travel Between Tokyo And San Francisco In 83 Awesome Seconds

What a view!

This time-lapse video lets you see the sights on a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco in less than 90 seconds.

Posted July 10 by YouTuber psp747, the video takes the viewer on a journey across the Pacific -- from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to San Francisco. The flight, which the Verge notes usually takes about nine and a half hours, is cut down to just 83 seconds. The time-lapse video is made up of more than 3,400 separate images shot on a GoPro camera plugged into a portable iPhone charger, the poster wrote on YouTube.

The shots depict a Boeing 747-400’s journey from takeoff to landing and includes a stunning sunset and sunrise. The video description notes that the planet Venus can be seen around the 0:40 mark.

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A map from Tokyo's Narita Airport to San Francisco International Airport. It's worth noting that the video does not specify the San Fran airport where the flight landed.

"Nice timelapse," one YouTube commenter joked. "I guess using electronics during takeoff and landing is not as bad as airlines say."

"Wow! That transition from dark to light gave me chills. Makes you feel a whole lot smaller, this video," wrote another.

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