Leo Tolstoy's Birthday Party Video Is Fascinating

WATCH: Leo Tolstoy's 80th Birthday Party

A few weeks from now will mark the 185th birthday of Leo Tolstoy, author of "War and Peace," "Anna Karenina," and many other uplifting stories! To celebrate, we recommend you finally get around to finishing one of his epic novels. Or, you know, just skim through a few of the authors' pearls of wisdom, or perhaps his short and totally manageable essay, "What Is Art?"

Tolstoy chose to celebrate his own birthday a little more lavishly, as evidenced by this video of his family partying it up on his 80th. The vid was captured by Aleksandr Osipovich Drankov in 1908, and includes his wife, daughter, dog (a spaniel-poodle mix) and peasant students.

Check it out!:

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