Tom Brady And Bill Belichick's Awkward Postgame Hug Is Kinda Sad

The quarterback and the coach reunited for one of the NFL's biggest games of the season.

That’s all you got, fellas? Twenty seasons and six Super Bowl championships together apparently didn’t leave quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick feeling the love after Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Belichick’s New England Patriots 19-17 on Sunday in Brady’s Gillette Stadium homecoming.

It was Brady’s first game against his old team and coach since he left and led his new team to a Super Bowl championship.

But all the two could muster was a brief bro hug.

In fairness, Belichick may have been stewing after the Pats’ Nick Folk kicked a 56-yard field goal attempt off the upright with less than a minute to play.

And the coach and Brady did meet privately for 20 minutes in the locker room later. “We had a lot of personal conversations that should remain that way,” Brady said.

But how about some warmth and affection for the cameras, boys?

Twitter had strong feelings about the lack of feeling in their hug.

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