Tom Brady Has Got To Be Freaking Kidding With This Latest Claim

The Patriots quarterback just said that he’s never had a sip of coffee. Yep.

Tom Brady has been at the heart of a series of controversial storylines this year. First he was (rumored to be) involved in the deflation of some footballs last January, then he began to show support for a certain polarizing GOP presidential candidate in September, but this latest report has us questioning how much longer the Average Person can support the New England Patriots’ quarterback.

Put down your Venti no-whip, fat-free, extra-shot Starbucks lattes, America, and hold onto your seats with your jittery, overly caffeinated hands. Because Tom Brady has never, ever had a sip of coffee.

I just never tried it,” he confessed.

Brady let that tidbit slip on WEEI’s "Dennis & Callahan" radio show Monday morning, adding another item to the long list of foods that we know he abstains from. The list includes: white sugar, white flour, dairy, eggplant, mushrooms and most kinds of fruit. And as Boston Magazine pointed out, it’s all too ironic that the face of a coffee mega-franchise has never even sipped the joy that is a dark-roasted, extra hot cup o’ joe.

According to the National Coffee Association, “54 percent of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day” -- and that number surely spikes when we limit the survey sample solely to Boston residents, whose irrational love for Dunkin’ Donuts rivals their love for, well, Tom Brady.

The guy’s won four Super Bowl titles -- just think about how good he’d be with a few shots of espresso in him. 

Dammit, Brady. You’re now 0-for-2 on endorsements in recent months -- it’s time to support a good cause.


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