Anyone Want To Hire A Recent College Graduate Named Tom Brady? Here's His Resume

Here's Tom Brady's College Resume

If football hadn't worked out for Tom Brady -- sorry, that's Thomas E. Brady Jr. -- he might now be a sales broker at Merrill Lynch.

This revelation comes after the elite NFL quarterback reached into a parallel universe Thursday, plucked his college resume from the "what if" folder and published it on Facebook for all to see.

Among the many reasons a prospective employer might be interested in hiring young Brady -- his experience at a polo field and golf club, for instance -- there's this clear padding from his time as an intern at Merrill Lynch, where he claims to have been "exposed to upper-level management and company strategy." Not sure overhearing conversations through your boss' open door really counts as "exposure," Thomas, but we'll let it slide this time. notes that Brady was a sixth-round draft pick in 2000, which is late enough that at the time he would have been wise to consider other options in case his NFL dreams didn't pan out.

Sure, Brady's resume is bloated with all kinds of fluff, but it's still better than Shaq's sparse LinkedIn profile.

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