This Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch Is Giving The Internet Nightmares

Is that really supposed to be Tom Brady?!

Tom Brady appeared in a federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday as part of his lawsuit against the NFL over his four-game Deflategate suspension. This is an artist's rendering of what Brady looked like at the proceedings.



According to CBS Boston's Jim Armstrong, Brady's courtroom sketch was done by New York-based artist Jane Rosenberg. She's done this kind of thing before, drawing in courtrooms that featured John Gotti, Woody Allen and Martha Stewart. Rosenberg also has paintings in a handful of museums and galleries across the United States.

Rosenberg is clearly an accomplished artist, but her sketch of a deflated Brady is an objectively funny interpretation of a man who was once named to People's "Sexiest Man Alive" list.

The Internet has since taken exception to the Brady sketch, pumping out a trove of memes, each somehow funnier than the next:

That's not all, though. Internet photoshop skills be damned, Louisiana State University head football coach Les Miles came through and scored an unexpected win.

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