Tom Brady's Dirty Mouth Upset Someone's Grandparent, Is Leading To FCC Complaints

Tom Brady's Foul Mouth Draws FCC Complaints

Tom Brady is a three-time Super Bowl champion, millionaire, spouse of Gisele Bundchen and certain Hall of Fame quarterback. Still, Brady can be a very angry man, especially when he’s losing a football game on national television, leading him to let loose a stream of a certain four-letter obscenity.

Brady’s language was clear and shown by CBS repeatedly, drawing the ire of three fans who actually complained to the FCC, per The Smoking Gun. Brady getting caught swearing on camera is certainly not the first time a network has shown a player saying not-so-nice things, but it was the amount of coverage CBS dedicated to the moment which annoyed folks. It was almost as if Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were expected to break down Brady’s sideline demeanor.

Following the loss to the Green Bay Packers, one example of a complaint comes from a Pennsylvania grandparent, who wasn’t having Tom Terrific’s attitude:

“My 8 year old grandson was watching the game with me and even commented that he should not have said that.” The complainant added, “I understand the first time it happened that the camera man would not have expected that but to keep the camera on Tom Brady as he kept yelling was uncalled for.”

Hey Tom, clean up that sideline emotion. When we sit down and watch the NFL, we never expect anger on the sideline of a losing team.

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