Tom Brady Is Ready To Make A Deal According To Some Reporters -- And Not According To Others

Someone, please put an end to this madness.

After months of deflation this and air pressure that, Tom Brady is reportedly willing to admit some wrongdoing if it means we can all put this godforsaken Deflategate saga behind us, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter and PFT’s Mike Florio.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the New England Patriots quarterback would be willing to accept a suspension if it were for not cooperating with the NFL’s investigation, instead of anything actually found as a result of that investigation. PFT’s Mike Florio called Schefter’s report “accurate” Wednesday and added that Brady would specifically accept a one-game suspension, according to his sources.

However, the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe and's Ian Rapoport both citied sources later Wednesday who said Brady is not considering a deal.

Anyone who has been following the Deflategate saga from the beginning is tired of this crap. But just to be clear on where we are: Schefter noted that discussions on a possible settlement have gone “nowhere,” but there is reason to believe that might change in the coming days. Judge Richard M. Berman suggested Wednesday that he could have grounds to drop Brady’s suspension altogether should he decide to do so, citing concerns about the league's issues with "fundamental fairness and evident impartiality."

As such, Berman suggested "a settlement seems like a logical and rational option." If no deal is reached in the coming days, both NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Brady will have to report to court on Aug. 31 -- and no one likes reporting to court. 

"Could our long, national nightmare -- and Boston’s long, deluded show of defiance -- finally be near an end?" Chris Chase asked on For the Win Wednesday. We sure hope so.

This post has been updated to include the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe and's Ian Rapoport denial of the report. 

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