Tom Brady Drenches Himself In Sarcasm While Cracking Deflategate Joke

Deflategate remains a laughing matter to everyone involved.

Tom Brady can finally live a little.

On Monday, he sat through one last court hearing in Manhattan to decide the fate of his Deflategate suspension lawsuit against the NFL. After the hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman announced plans to give his decision sometime this week, allowing Brady his first opportunity since the scandal broke in January to experience some finality in the matter.

Thinking in the present -- regardless of Judge Berman's decision -- what's done is done, and oh snap, there's an NFL season kicking off in less than a fortnight.

On Tuesday, Brady used that window of mental clarity to crack a Deflategate joke with teammates and fans at the team's annual "Patriots Premiere" charity gala at Gillette Stadium. Fans were understandably stoked to see Brady and be around his aura:

During a panel discussion featuring Brady, as well as teammates Rob Gronkowski, Matthew Slater and Devin McCourty, moderator Scott Zolak asked each player what they did this offseason to celebrate the team's Super Bowl win.

Here's Brady's response, as reported by the Boston Herald:

On cue, tongue-firmly-in-cheek, Brady responded: “Yeah, it’s been such an enjoyable off-season.”

His deadpan brought the house down.


Glad to see everyone involved has a such a great sense of humor about this.  

Throughout the offseason, Deflategate has been the one story fans and media both want to see go away, but at every twist and turn, the NFL and Brady -- but mainly Roger Goodell and the league -- have done all they can to drag this into an attempted public relations win for the NFL. In actuality, everyone -- including many NFL players -- just wants to see Deflategate die. Can we just get back to football already? 

Earlier on Tuesday evening, Patriots owner Robert Kraft chided the NFL, saying that Deflategate has been “the most overblown story in recent NFL history."

Can't argue with that.   

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