Tom Brady Makes The Lamest James Holzhauer 'Jeopardy!' Pledge

The Patriots quarterback made a promise if the game-show champ lost .

Boy, Tom Brady really went out on a limb with his pledge about “Jeopardy!” juggernaut James Holzhauer.

The reigning game-show champ returned Monday after a two-week hiatus, prompting the Patriots quarterback to promise he would eat a strawberry if Holzhauer lost.

Brady has a well-known aversion to strawberries ― but come on.

Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, easily won his 23rd straight game with a total of $89,229 to boost his overall winnings to $1,780,237.

Brady was berry happy with the result.

Brady has tried a strawberry at least once, on “The Late Show” last year, so that made his promise extra-lame.

Next time he should bet something real, like one of his six Super Bowl rings!