Tom Brady Has Bromantic Response To Julian Edelman Welcoming Cam Newton

The former Patriots QB can't seem to let go of his buddy and former receiver just yet.

When receiver Julian Edelman welcomed Cam Newton to the New England Patriots on Tuesday, Tom Brady didn’t get mad. He got bromantic.

Edelman gave a shoutout to Newton after the ex-Carolina Panther was signed by the Patriots this week to likely replace the six-time Super Bowl champ Brady at quarterback.

Edelman photoshopped Newton into a picture with him, and posted it to Instagram. “néwtôn, MASSACHUSÊTTS•,” the receiver wrote, imitating the unusual script that Newton uses in tweets. ”-1ØVĒ🤟🏾” Newton responded.

Brady, who left the Patriots after 20 seasons to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had to chime in. “I will always be your #1,” the quarterback wrote to Edelman in the comments, adding a winking emoji.


The comment might also refer to Newton’s jersey number in Carolina, but the message is clear: Brady and Edelman shared a special bond over 10 seasons together ― three of which ended in Super Bowl victories for the passing duo.

And Edelman will always love Brady, as he said in a Whitney Houston-aided goodbye to his former teammate in March.

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