So Tom Brady And Larry David Met In An Elevator... And It Was Pretty, Pretty Good

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star pulled such a Larry David move in greeting the superstar quarterback at the Kentucky Derby.

Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time, met Larry David, perhaps the greatest curmudgeon of all time, in a packed elevator at the Kentucky Derby this month ― and Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson was there to chronicle the monumental moment. (Watch the video below.)

Thompson told Erin Andrews on their “Calm Down” podcast this week that she listened in awe as Brady said, “Hello, Larry” in a “sultry Tabasco vanilla whiskey voice.”

David, the eccentric star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and co-creator of “Seinfeld,” responded with a nonchalance that let Brady know that as long as he’s in David’s orbit, he’s another speck in the universe.

“Larry goes, ‘Eh, Tom, hi’ and looks back at the elevator doors and says nothing else,” Thompson recalled. “And we walk out and Larry does this shuffle ...  and then Tom comes up, continues talking to him.”

Thompson couldn’t deny the charm of the exchange.

“I think why everybody loves Larry is because Larry can’t be bothered, whether it’s Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos or anyone in between, he’s like, neh,” she said.

It’s better when Thompson tells the story. Check it out: