A Year Ago Today, Tom Brady Said 'Balls' A Bunch In A Presser

Balls, balls and more balls.

The Deflategate scandal non-scandal surrounding Tom Brady and the New England Patriots was one of the most unbearable storylines of 2015. 

But as annoying as the entire situation became, there was one fantastic thing that came from Deflategate: Tom Brady's wonderful "balls" press conference on Jan. 22. While discussing Deflategate, the Boston hero said things over and over and over again that even a man or woman with the most refined sense of humor couldn't help but laugh about. 

To remember this truly important occasion, here is a compilation of Brady saying "balls" a whole bunch of times. 

"Some guys like 'em round and some guys like 'em thin, some guys like 'em tacky, some guys like 'em brand new, some guys like old balls. I mean, they're all different," Brady said, as if reading from a dirty Dr. Seuss book.

Despite the many hours of pointless Deflategate television coverage our eyes and ears had to deal with in 2015, we will always have this moment. 

Long live Tom Brady's "balls presser."

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