Watch Tom Brady Defy Coaches To Do Rob Gronkowski A Solid

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback refused to leave the game until he helped his longtime teammate.

Tom Brady isn’t afraid to show his coaches who’s boss. (Watch the video below.)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was apparently supposed to remain off the field late in his team’s game Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The Bucs were ahead by 14 points, and keeping the star in made little sense with the playoffs starting next week.

But Brady appeared to tell the staff that he was still playing ― and the reason was to help tight end Rob Gronkowski earn $1 million in bonuses.

Gronk, Brady’s pal and winner of four Super Bowls with the quarterback (who has won seven overall), reached the season yardage minimum of 750 yards for a $500,000 incentive earlier in the game. But he required one more reception to reach 55, a milestone that would secure an additional $500,000, For the Win noted.

Brady then completed a short pass to Gronk, and his regular-season work was done. CBS noted the financial motivation behind the play in its broadcast:

Reserve QB Blaine Gabbert immediately came into the game.

The Bucs won, 41-17, and will host Philadelphia in a playoff game on Sunday.

Gronk, for what it’s worth, finished the regular season with 55 receptions and 802 yards. But he lost out on another $1 million bonus because he fell three touchdown catches short of his bonus goal of nine, NBC noted.

Still six figures richer, Gronk promised to take teammates out for dinner.

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