Tom Brady's Hard Partying Gets A Seafaring Song Spoof On 'The Late Show'

"Soon May The Hangover Come" leads to another super bowl -- of the porcelain kind.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” targeted a “sloshed” Tom Brady and his merry-making Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a song spoof on Thursday. (Watch it below.)

The star quarterback threw the Lombardi Trophy and was videotaped stumbling away from the boat parade in Tampa to celebrate the Bucs’ Super Bowl victory.

It seems Brady’s teammates went overboard in the revelry as well, prompting the talk show to adapt their spiraling adventures to the classic whaling tune “Soon May the Wellerman Come.”

There once was a ship full of Buccaneers who had one or two or three hundred beers

They raised a glass and all said cheers, it’ll hurt bad tomorrow

Soon may the hangover come

From too much whiskey and gin and rum

Tossed the trophy they had just won

There’ll be more things to throw.

The lyrics eventually pointed back to the super bowl ― the porcelain kind.

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