Tom Brady's Shameless Plug Of '80 For Brady' Gets Twitter To Throw It Back In His Face

The again-retired quarterback at least did it with a sense of humor.

Tom Brady retired again from football but his Twitter game is still strong. A little obnoxious too.

In a tweet noting his new leisure options and the opening of his movie “80 for Brady,” the seven-time Super Bowl winner greeted Friday morning with this burst of marketing savvy:

The movie stars Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin as octogenarians who attend the 2017 Super Bowl to cheer on their idol Brady (who plays himself). It’s getting decent reviews: “The titular QB may have been tough to beat on the gridiron, but on the big screen, it’s 80 for Brady’s veteran leading ladies who make this lightweight comedy a fitfully winsome watch,” reads Rotten Tomatoes’ consensus line.

The future Hall of Famer, who’s also a producer, was hailed as well for his “very engaging screen presence.”

But his overt (and kinda funny) advertising also inspired jokesters and haters to chime in on Twitter.

“Do you get the senior discount?” one wiseguy asked.

Here are more responses:

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