Tom Brokaw: 'Striking' That There's Been 'No Mention Of Afghanistan And Iraq' Wars At GOP Convention So Far (VIDEO)

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Tom Brokaw weighed in on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's keynote speech on Tuesday night, and wondered why the first night of convention speeches included little mention of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After analyzing Christie's speech with MSNBC's Chris Matthews and David Gregory, Brokaw said he found it "striking" that those who spoke on Tuesday night, including Ann Romney and Christie, did not mention President George W. Bush's 8 years in office or "the two longest wars in America's history, Afghanistan and Iraq."

Brokaw continued, saying that the two wars were "started by the Republican party and promoted by them in the early stages, with the assent of the Democratic Congress and Democratic Senate."

He also pointed out that U.S. soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by Afghan security forces in recent days.

Brokaw added that the wars "were heavily promoted as the idea of delivering democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan," which he later described as an "unrealized goal."

Matthews thanked Brokaw for his analysis and said it was "so like him to remind us of the soldiers in the field right now." He added that the topic "should not have been overlooked."

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