Tom Brokaw Opens Up To Letterman About Cancer Treatment

Tom Brokaw spoke to David Letterman on Thursday about his recently disclosed and ongoing treatment for cancer.

Brokaw revealed in February that he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last August. He said that doctors have given him a very good prognosis, and he certainly seemed in decent enough shape when he sat down with Letterman.

"As you know, I was keeping it as private as I possibly could, which I intend to continue doing," he said. "I'm very pleased with the progress, and that's about as far as I want to go."

He added that he was very aware that he had access to much better health care than many.

"I'm so conscious of that every day, because it involves the whole family and it's tricky and it becomes a big strain," he said. "In our case, we've got the resources and access, and I've got this fabulous family, and so I am much more aware of what other families are going through, and I think we all have to be, as a matter of fact."

Watch the clip above.