Tom Brokaw, Stephen Colbert Talk 9/11 (VIDEO)

Tom Brokaw recalled his experience on 9/11 and reflected on how the country has changed in the past ten years on Thursday's "Colbert Report."

Brokaw will be speaking to some of the people he interviewed immediately after 9/11 to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Speaking to Colbert, Brokaw said that re-visiting the events was instructive, and provided a chance to reflect.

In one of the lighter moments of the interview, he recalled that he had been doing yoga when he got a call about the first attack on the Twin Tower. Colbert asked, "Were you wearing yoga pants, the type that are really sexy and tied up top and flare out at the knee? That's a separate tragedy that I don't want to talk about."

Brokaw was making his way downtown to the studio when a radio host said that another plane had hit the second Twin Tower. He recalled, "I called my wife who was in Montana and I said, 'We're at war and I don't know when we're gonna be able to talk, you better get up and start watching this.'"

Brokaw, who anchored all day with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, said that it took him everything he knew to get through the day.

He said, "When I play the tape back in my mind, there was a real surreal quality about it. It seemed to unfold in a kind of slow-mo way because we didn't know what was gonna happen next. When you go to war or when Hurricane Irene is coming ashore, you have a little warning. In this case, it completely stunned all of us."

"It took me everything I knew not just as a journalist but as a husband and as a father and as a citizen to get through that day."


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