Tom Chambers 'Mexican Reveries': An Enchanting Journey

An enchanting journey in the Mexican countryside with "Dreaming in Reverse," a beautiful series of photomontages by American artist Tom Chambers. Sensing that little time remains to photograph the beauty of Mexico, Chambers have created this series to express both his concern for cultural loss, as well as his appreciation for the inherent loveliness of Mexican life. Employing magic realism, an art genre used in the early twentieth century in Mexico, Chambers has attempted to create images of Mexico which seem true and believable, but also perhaps improbable.

Thanks to technology and digital manipulations, Chamber's photomontages of surreal imagery folded into rural Mexican scenes become persuasive dreamscapes.
"Dreaming in Reverse" soaks up the evocative richness of painterly light and color, expressing both appreciation for the beauty of the reality in the settings, and the possibilities of nudging into some "magical place."

Glass Flower
Presumptuous Guests
Afternoon with Octavio
Visions of Clemencia
Seabird Mimicry
Two Chairs
Tethered Aviator
Caging the Songbird
Stuck In The Key of C
Ring of Fire
"Dreaming in Reverse" is currently on view at the Wall Space Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA All images, courtesy of Tom Chambers