Tom Colicchio Explains Why Waiters Won't Spit In Your Food If You Send Back A Dish

"That's crazy."

If you’ve hesitated to send a dish back at a restaurant, you shouldn’t, according to celebrity chef and “Top Chef” judge Tom Colicchio. Instead, he said you should just find a manager and explain that you don’t like your food.

“If you’re in my restaurant, someone’s going to say, ‘Order something else. We’d be happy to cook something else for you. We’re not going to charge you for that dish,’” he said in a video with Business Insider.

Whatever you do, just don’t tweet about your bad dish after you’ve left.

“Don’t sit there and fume and be mad and then go home and lash out on social media, because I can’t help you at that point.”

In the video, Colicchio also addressed the long-held belief that if you complain to restaurant managers about your food, people from the kitchen are going to exact revenge by messing with your new dish.

“That’s crazy. It’s not going to happen,” he said. ”’Cause that’s also, I think, the mark of a good restaurant, is how they actually take care of problems. If there’s no problem, no drama, restaurant’s great. But how does a restaurant take care of a problem? Can they turn it around?”

There you go ― permission to speak your mind the next time you’re not happy with a dish!

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