Tom Colicchio's Secret To The Creamiest Scrambled Eggs Of Your Life

It's all in the cooking vessel.

Many chefs claim to have the perfect scrambled eggs recipe, but if you want yours to be ultra-creamy, then follow the advice of Tom Colicchio.

The celebrity chef and “Top Chef” judge recently divulged his playbook for a “creamy scramble” to Business Insider.

First, Colicchio says, whisk the eggs vigorously to incorporate air before cooking them. (This is not unheard of in scramble recipes, though fellow celeb chef Gordon Ramsay suggests only whisking eggs once they’re already on the heat, rather than beforehand.)

Then comes the secret: Pour the eggs into a pot, not a pan. Colicchio prefers to use one with sloped sides, he told Business Insider. (Ramsay uses a pot, too, though his overall method varies.) Keep whisking the eggs as they cook, then, once the eggs begin coming together, fold over with a spatula to finish them off. Boom! Creamy perfection will be yours.

Watch the Business Insider video above for a full rundown.

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