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The Huge Blunder Tom Colicchio Made With A Food Critic

10/16/2014 01:54pm ET

Before Tom Colicchio was the fiery judge we know and love on Bravo's "Top Chef," he was just another cheftestant in the heated competition known as the New York City restaurant scene, desperately trying to impress critics. But not everything went off without a hitch, the chef recalled in a Wednesday HuffPost Live interview.

"We made a mistake with Time Out New York," he admitted. "We lost his ticket."

The reviewer was visiting his restaurant, Colicchio & Sons, which opened in 2010.

"Forty-five minutes into it, someone was like -- 'Oh, I have the ticket' -- it was an hour before he got his appetizers and it was clearly the focus of the review. It was terrible. Horrible," he recounted.

But it was not the end of the world, the restaurateur affirmed, noting that "these things happen."

"I was not upset with the reviewer for talking about it, but the stars that he gave us, they weren't great," he said.

Luckily, his eponymous dining spot earned more favorable reviews down the road.

"The New York Times came and gave us three stars, so that was great," he added.

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