Tom Cruise Dating? Man Mistaken For Actor Prompts Rumors (PHOTO, UPDATE)

UPDATE: A source for the Huffington post tells us that the man photographed below is anti-Scientology rapper Tiziano Lugli, not Cruise, as photo agency Pacific Coast News has him currentily identified.

The world's most famous actor may have claimed to be uninterested in dating, but photographs of Tom Cruise biking around with a mystery women this week suggest otherwise. The 50-year-old -- who split with ex-wife Katie Holmes one year ago -- was spotted exiting celebrity hotspot Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Thursday night with an unidentified women on his backseat.

The meeting doesn't appear to be happenstance. A nearly identical scenario occurred over a week ago, on May 23rd, with a man thought to be Cruise and a similar-looking woman jetting out of Chateau Marmont. (The man in the photograph is wearing a leather jacket, as opposed to Cruise's velvet jacket from Thursday night).

The sighting comes amid rumors of a romance between Holmes and her "Mania Days" co-star Luke Kirby, who were photographed grabbing dinner in New York last week.

tom cruise dating

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