Tom Cruise Bird Poop Facial: Actor Reportedly Gets The 'Geisha' Beauty Treatment

Tom Cruise Puts WHAT On His Face?

Celebrities keep some weird beauty secrets -- Cindy Crawford admits she sprays milk on her face and Teri Hatcher swears by a wine bath. But one of the oddest tricks we've heard of is the Geisha Facial -- which is made from actual bird poop.

Made popular by Victoria Beckham, the bird poop facial now has a new fan -- Tom Cruise. The actor reportedly indulges in the $180 a pop beauty regime composed of powdered nightingale droppings and other natural ingredients like rice bran.

"Tom doesn't go in for Botox or surgery, but he does pay close attention to all the new and popular natural treatments," an unnamed source told Now magazine. "He recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial."

Beautician Shizuka Bernstein borrowed the technique from geishas, who once used nightingale droppings as a natural exfoliant. Shizuka spa applies the exfoliating mixture and uses an ultraviolet light to sanitize the skin in the hour-long procedure.

Apparently the treatment was recommended by a Hollywood pal -- maybe Beckham herself. After all, the pair, along with their spouses, have been known to rub shoulders at A-list events.

We wonder who else is borrowing Victoria's beauty secret and indulging in this bizarre spa treatment.

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