Tom Cruise Hints That 'Top Gun 2' May Get A Volleyball Scene

It's the '80s movie montage we desperately need right now.

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Tom Cruise served up a major hint about the upcoming sequel to “Top Gun.”

“[There] may be a volleyball scene,” Cruise said to ET. “Maybe. I have not told anyone in the world as much as I’ve just told you right now.”

The volleyball scene in “Top Gun” is a bit odd in retrospect. Is there a big volleyball culture in the Navy? Maybe it’s just the ‘80s love of music-backed montages.

The original volleyball scene, where Goose and Maverick battle Slider and Ice Man, is a muscle-glistening collection of high-fiving and watch-checking-while-flexing.

It’s unclear if the scene will involve the original actors or some new, younger pilots, but we’ll have more around-the-clock “Top Gun”-volleyball coverage as it develops.


CORRECTION: This article incorrectly stated that the pilots in “Top Gun” are in the Air Force (because planes). They are Navy pilots. Which still doesn’t explain why, if they’re in planes, it’s the “highway to the Danger Zone,” but we digress.