Tom Cruise Joins 'Oblivion,' Joseph Kasinski's Sci-Fi Film

Tom Cruise's Apocalypse Film

While the rapture hasn't quite gone down yet on Saturday, the end of human civilization on Earth as we know it will have already come and gone in Tom Cruise's newest film commitment.

While Cruise is handing off his "Mission: Impossible" franchise to new co-star Jeremy Renner, he's proving that he's still an action megastar with his latest project, "Oblivion," a post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature from "Tron: Legacy" director Joseph Kasinski. Long loosely attached to the film, Cruise officially committed to the project on Friday.

A $100 million-budgeted blockbuster, the film comes from an original story by Kosinski that has already been featured in a gorgeously illustrated graphic novel (which can be purchased on Amazon).

The film will feature Cruise as a lone soldier stuck on an uninhabitable Earth's surface, fixing drones that protect the planet -- and its sky-bound clone citizens, who live above the polluted clouds -- from attacking aliens. When he finds a beautiful woman in a fallen ship, adventure and an awakening of a past life love ensue.

Cruise's next few theatrical releases will cast him in a wide range of film genres; along with the "Mission: Impossible" film, he's currently filming the 80's-set musical adaptation of "Rock of Ages," and just signed on for a political drama with writer Dan Fogleman. There's also the matter of his brash Hollywood agent character Les Grossman, who was featured in "Tropic Thunder" and is now due for his own spinoff.

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