Tom Cruise Jumps Out Of A Plane At 25,000 Feet For Next 'Mission: Impossible'

The actor broke his ankle seven months ago doing a stunt for the film.

“Mission: Impossible ― Fallout” is due out this summer, but there’s at least one last shot to complete, according to the director. And it’s a doozy.

Director Christopher McQuarrie posted a photo on his Instagram Sunday, showing 55-year-old Tom Cruise poised at the backdoor of a cargo plane, ready to make a 25,000-foot jump.

McQuarrie said they crew had just three minutes of available light at dusk for a two-minute action shot, meaning they get one opportunity a day to get it right.

It’s unclear if this particular take was successful, or how many takes in total have been attempted. Cruise posted a similar photo on his Instagram two weeks ago, so it’s safe to assume Cruise has made a few jumps.

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Cruise, known for doing his own stunts, broke his ankle seven months ago while filming a rooftop stunt for the same film.

Meanwhile, Cruise’s stunt double has finished his 37th crossword puzzle while on set. We kid, but, seriously, that job has to be boring.

“Mission: Impossible ― Fallout” comes out July 27.

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