Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce Boosts Sales For Celebrity Weeklies

Just after the news broke that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were getting a divorce, three out of the six major weekly celebrity magazines featured the couple on their covers, resulting in great sales for all three.

“Whenever you see the same person, or couple in this case, on three covers, you expect weekly sales to be down as a result of saturation,” one weekly news editor told me. “But the Tom and Katie story is so strong that all three magazines that went with them [on the cover] sold very well -- way above average.”

Now that Cruise and Holmes have announced that they reached a divorce settlement in what seems like a new record time, all the weeklies (with the exception of OK, which has an earlier printing deadline) can decide whether to go with the story on the cover once again.

“After seeing last weeks [sales] numbers, I expect at least three of the weeklies will feature Tom and Katie again,” one magazine insider told me. “You keep riding a horse until it's dead, and with Tom and Katie, interest in this bizarre marriage and split could last weeks. I know for sure that although the divorce is over, our fascination with Tom and Katie is not over yet.”

Currently, Kate Gosselin holds the record for having the most consecutive covers of a weekly magazine, having appeared on the front of Us Weekly for seven consecutive issues -- a record that Katie Holmes might break.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes