Tom Cruise, Scientology: Actor Reaffirms Faith At Exclusive Event

Tom Cruise Not Turning Back On Scientology

On Saturday night in England, Tom Cruise put to bed rumors that he is abandoning Scientology when he was the guest of honor at the 28th anniversary Patrons Ball for the International Association of Scientologists.

“Over 2,500 people paid as much as $3,000 to attend the event with Tom at the church’s U.K. headquarters at Saint Hill Manor near Gatwick,” one insider tells me. “Tom was seated in the VIP area, but his security allowed guests to come over and shake his hand.”

Tom, who looked relaxed and happy and was wearing his Freedom Medal of Valor, a gift from leader David Miscavige, even stood to sing the Scientology anthem before leaving the event, says the source.

“Any rumors that he was turning his back on his faith couldn’t be further from the truth,” a source inside the event says. “Like most religions, in times of need faith can help. This appears to be what was happening last night.”

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