Tom Cruise As Van Helsing: Star Attached To New Monster Movie From 'Star Trek' Screenwriters

Tom Cruise May Play Van Helsing For 'Star Trek' Screenwriters

Tom Cruise as Van Helsing? Sure? Judging from the "Rock of Ages" trailer, he's certainly got the hair (or at least a good wig guy).

Per a press release from Universal announcing a new deal with hot screenwriting duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Cruise is attached to play the famed vampire hunter in a new film from the decade-old studio.

“Alex and Roberto are extraordinarily talented writers and producers who know the value of a great story in building successful tentpole films,” Universal chairman Adam Fogelson and co-chairwoman Donna Langley said in a statement. “They have been a major part of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and television shows in recent history, and we’re eager to have them build on that success at Universal.”

For the pair, this is the second high-profile feature they've become attached to in recent days. Sony announced that Kurtzman and Orci would take another pass at the sequel to "The Amazing Spider-man." They're also co-writers on "Star Trek 2," giving them a wide variety of blockbuster franchises. (Kurtzman and Orci are also responsible for 'Transformers," "Mission: Impossible III" and "Star Trek.")

The two-year deal with Universal is an interesting one; after all, back in February, Orci tweeted that K/O Paper Products (the Kurtzman/Orci production company banner) was leaving its home a DreamWorks and was "excited to be an independent production company in the coming year!"

For more on K/O Paper Products, click over to Vulture. To read the full press release about Kurtzman and Orci's new Universal deal, head over to


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