Diver Tom Daley Knitting DURING His Olympics Competition Is So Next-Level

The gold medalist has been showing off his winning creations during the games.

Here’s a yarn that’s actually true: British diver Tom Daley knitted during his Olympics competition on Friday and advanced to the semifinal of the 10-meter platform.

Daley, who has been spotted knitting in the stands at the Games, also has been showing off his knitting and crocheting skills online. The four-time Olympian fashioned a cozy for the first career gold medal he won earlier, teaming with Matty Lee in the synchronized 10-meter platform. He also created a gorgeous sweater to commemorate his time in Tokyo.

But knitting during his actual event with the pressure ratcheting up?

That is next-level.

And it worked: Daley advanced to the semifinal with the fourth-best score.

Many fans on Twitter dove right in to approve, noting that kitting was the perfect relaxation tool.

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