Tom DeLay QUITS Dancing With The Stars (VIDEO)

Tom DeLay has left ABC's Dancing with the Stars due to stress fractures in both his feet. The man known as "the hammer" tried to tough it out, indeed he ignored the advice of his agent and the producers of the show last week by going ahead and dancing the samba with partner Cheryl Burke, but his injuries have finally forced him to the sideline. As DeLay himself sagely put it, "If you can't practice you'll make a fool out of yourself out here, and I don't want to do that to Cheryl."

Exactly, no one on this show is looking to be made into a fool. DeLay's dance next week was to have been the Texas two-step, and the producers evidently feel bad about depriving us of that, so they've invited DeLay, if he's healthy, to perform it at the show's finale.



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