Tom DeLay Slams Obama's Address To Congress On Hardball (VIDEO)

Tom DeLay Slams Obama's Address To Congress On Hardball (VIDEO)

Tom DeLay, appearing on Chris Matthews' show Hardball opposite Harold Ford, ripped into Barack Obama's speech last night before a joint session of Congress. DeLay called it "the most irresponsible, hypocritical speech I have ever witnessed," and that what Obama is talking about doing is "insane."

DeLay seems alone in his strident criticism, as the reviews across the board gave Obama fairly high remarks. Ford pushed back against DeLay, but the former House majority leader continued to rail against Obama.

Matthews also played a clip of prominent conservative David Brooks slamming Jindal's response to Obama, and Brooks was having none of this. DeLay dismissed the criticism: "take away the conservative moniker from David Brooks."

DeLay also made reference to Matthews' opening segment on the show in which the host discussed his bewilderment at the setting and tone of Jindal's rebuttal, saying to Matthews, "listening to your introduction, somebody is going to accuse you of being biased." Matthews did not look amused.

Watch the debate below.

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