Tom Ford Won't Dress Melania Trump, Either

It's not just about her husband, though.

Tom Ford is such a trendsetter, he was refusing to dress Melania Trump way before such decisions even made news.

The celebrated fashion designer appeared on “The View” Wednesday to talk about his film “Nocturnal Animals,” but as with most conversations these days, the topic quickly turned to politics.

When Joy Behar suggested the “beautiful and ...thin” incoming first lady would look great in his clothes, Ford, in his perfectly Ford-like manner, replied, “I don’t know, I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago, and I declined.”

“She’s not necessarily my image,” he explained.

Here’s where things get a little more complicated, though. Ford noted as an aside that he voted for Hillary Clinton and is “very sad and disappointed that she’s not in office.” But he explained that, primarily, he thinks the first lady should wear clothes that the American people can relate to, saying that “even had Hillary won, she shouldn’t be wearing my clothes. They’re too expensive.”

Lest you think Behar was letting him get away with that scot-free, she reminded him that Michelle Obama, while typically more relatable with her clothing choices, also wore expensive items, too ― including a dress designed by Tom Ford.

Michelle Obama in Tom Ford at Buckingham Palace in 2011. 
Michelle Obama in Tom Ford at Buckingham Palace in 2011. 

Ford said he thought the occasion warranted an exception.

”She was going to Buckingham Palace for dinner with the queen and I thought that was appropriate,” he said. “I live in London so that makes sense. And it was an honor to dress her.”


Skip to the :48 mark to see the entire exchange.

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