'Visionaries: Tom Ford' Set To Air On Oprah's OWN Channel June 24

'Visionaries: Tom Ford' Set To Air On Oprah's OWN Channel June 24

Tom Ford's next act will be an hour-long documentary slated to premiere on Oprah's OWN channel come June 24, Racked reports. Ford is no stranger to the talk show diva's cult; he and Colin Firth sat down with Winfrey to discuss "A Single Man" before the 2010 Oscars.

This time around, cameras chronicled the designer-turned-director from his super secret womenswear show in N.Y.C. last fall to the recent vernissage of his flagship in Beverly Hills. Danica Lo writes:

"Visionaries: Tom Ford" changes things entirely--Ford opens up to the audience in a way that we never imagined possible, revealing his own struggles with depression, mid-life crisis, and professional reinvention. He also reveals that he takes between three and five baths a day, a fact which, somehow, makes us really like him.

At some point in the episode, Ford confesses, "I have, sometimes, mixed feelings about what we do because we convince people they're not perfect enough. We promote materialism, which is ultimately not the thing that brings you happiness in the world."

He adds, "I could absolutely die tomorrow -- I would not care. I feel like I've lived, I feel like I've had a great life. There are lots of things I'd like to do, I don't want to die, but I'm comfortable enough with having lived and having experiences that death does not freak me out at all."

According to IMDB, James Cameron, Lady Gaga, Annie Leibovitz, Tyler Perry and will.i.am were each filmed for their own "Visionaries" show.

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