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Tom Ford: 'I Watch Straight Porn All The Time'

Harper's Bazaar recently sat down with Tom Ford and reporter Derek Blasberg got the scoop on the designer's lip lock with photographer Terry Richardson. (Click here for a pic of the smooch.) Ford dished:

"I did a shoot with Terry, and we were shooting a girl and a guy kissing in the sunset with a windmill in the background. Terry and I decided to do a kissing shot, so we kissed and kissed and kissed. And Terry is such a soft, sweet kisser. That's what I think is sexy now." Really? Soft kissing with Terry Richardson? "Soft kissing with anyone. There's an anger to everything in our culture right now. And I'm sort of ready for a kind of sweetness and a softness to things."

Lest we think Ford is losing his provocateur touch, however, he does offer, "I watch straight porn all the time. If I go on my computer, there's a button that can connect me to all the sites I look at most often, and they're all porn--and Porn and antiques!"

Oh, but that's not all. Writer Derek Blasberg compiled just a few of the steamy stories he's heard about Ford and women:

Asking Gwyneth Paltrow to bear his children on their first date, which he said was probably true, and feeling up Natalia Vodianova at fittings, which she said is definitely true, though, would top the list. Artist Rachel Feinstein might have the most salacious story of all: "He once put my breast in his mouth. That's the most provocative thing. I remember that," she says, laughing. "I hope he remembers that too."