Tom Hanks: Trump's 'Guerrilla War' On Press Could Lead To 'Very Scary Territory'

"It’s sort of like chaos by any means," said the actor, who plays a newspaper editor in his new movie "The Post."

Actor Tom Hanks said President Donald Trump’s administration has adopted a “guerrilla war” tactic with its relentless attacks on the press.

“I think it’s more of a guerrilla war that’s going on, it’s like chaos by any means,” Hanks said at the London premiere of his new movie, “The Post,” on Wednesday night. 

The Hollywood star also said  White House attempts to delegitimize the press with its “fake news” rhetoric could lead to “very, very scary territory” that is “not inclusive” and does not take in “the rights of everybody.”

Hanks’ movie deals with press freedom and The Washington Post’s battle to bring government secrets about the Vietnam War, known as the Pentagon Papers, to light.

Hanks, who previously revealed he’d likely turn down the chance to attend a White House screening of the movie, said people were “entitled” to their opinions and could have them “until the cows come home.”

“But you are not entitled to your own facts,” he added. “There are facts that are empirical, that are provable, that are confirmable.”

Check out the full interview in the clip above.