Tom Hanks Entertains ‘Henry IV’ Theater Amid Medical Emergency In Audience

When an audience member fell ill, Hanks kept in character to keep the rest of the audience enthralled.

Tom Hanks doesn’t have two Oscars for nothing: The actor can pretty much act brilliantly in any situation ― including a medical emergency.

During a performance last week of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV” starring Hanks as Falstaff at the Japanese Garden on the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration campus, he kept his cool and kept in character while paramedics attended to an audience member.

According to Deadline, the person fell unconscious, and the play was halted while production crew members with medical training tried to help. Soon paramedics arrived and tested the audience member. The person was eventually stable enough to be driven home by friends. The episode led to a 20-minute delay, and other attendees started getting restless.

Hanks intervened to entertain the audience, ad-libbing in character and taking people on stage. He even heckled some audience members who dared to leave, calling them “scurvy rogues who stood up from their seats” and an “insult to all actors and to Shakespeare himself.”

“God has decided this play needed a second intermission! … Get back here or find this sword and many a dagger placed neatly in the tires of your carriage!” Hanks shouted.

You can watch the magic mayhem ensue above.



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