Tom Hanks Gives Nervous America The Pre-Election Pep Talk It Needs On ‘SNL’

"America's Dad" had a heart-to-heart with the nation.

Tom Hanks is here, and everything is going to be all right.

America’s Dad” sat down with the nation for a quiet pre-election pep talk on “Saturday Night Live.”

America is feeling a little nervous these days,” said the Hollywood legend. “And I’m a responsible father, so I thought maybe it’s time we had a little chat.”

The “Inferno” star acknowledged that the U.S. had endured a “rough year” and felt “anxious and conflicted” and “scared” about “what’s gonna happen next.”

But “you’re gonna be fine,” Hanks reassured the country.

“All I came in here to say is you are great,” he said, before trying to boost morale by reeling off a list of the nation’s accomplishments.

In reference to the upcoming election, he said he knew America would “make the right choice” ― as long as it thinks with its heart and mind “and not so much down there.”

Hanks ended the heart-to-heart by urging the country to pick itself up, dust itself off “and go show the world what else you can stuff inside a pizza crust.”

Check it out in the clip above.

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