These Two People Could Not Be More Unimpressed By Tom Hanks Rapping

Tom Hanks rapping is everyone's dad.

A white-haired Tom Hanks appeared on "The Graham Norton Show" last week alongside Scottish actor-director Peter Capaldi and English actor-comedian David Walliams.

Perhaps due to some ill effects of the hair dye, Hanks -- sans encouragement -- reenacted the rap he and Dan Aykroyd had invented in 1987 to promote the pair's buddy-cop flick "Dragnet." 

Throughout the performance, which elicited supportive cheers from the audience, co-guests Capaldi and Walliams were unmoved.

Capaldi seemed particularly skeptical of Hanks' spontaneous recital.

Seriously unimpressed.

Upon Hanks' finale, the pair managed a polite applause.


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