Tom Hanks' Words About His Wife Will Melt Your Heart

Rita Wilson bravely revealed her battle with breast cancer earlier this year, after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, in hopes of educating others on the importance of getting a second opinion. Wilson said she only found out she had breast cancer after going to a second pathologist. 

Now Wilson's husband, actor Tom Hanks, says that several months on, she's bounced back incredibly. "Her health is fantastic," Hanks said in an interview with Extra. "She took on not only the crisis, but also the issues of women's cancers in a way that I thought was extremely brave and beautiful."

The actor is clearly smitten with his wife of 27 years, adding, "I'm glad we're not in high school, because I wouldn't have the courage to talk to her in the hallway... I'm a lucky man."

The couple are an anomaly by Hollywood standards, with their long-lasting union, so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about having a great marriage. Perhaps that's why Hanks decided to become ordained to officiate weddings.

Just over a week ago, Hanks officiated the wedding of "Girls" actress Allison Williams and her beau, CollegeHumor founder Ricky Van Veen. Wilson has starred as Williams' character's mother on "Girls," and the pair reportedly grew close, with Williams referring to Wilson as her "meta-Mom."

"I studied the ministry for over $35. And if you want to call me the Right Reverend Tom Hanks, I think you should," Hanks said. 

As for officiating other ceremonies he joked, "I'm for rent. If you can afford the honorarium, I'll be there for ya."

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