Tom Hardy Or Logan Marshall-Green: Can You Tell Look-Alike Actors Apart? (PHOTOS)

It's the question you'll be asking yourself a lot this summer: Is that Tom Hardy or Logan Marshall-Green? The actors -- aged 34 and 35, respectively -- appear in two of summer's most anticipated releases ("The Dark Knight Rises," "Prometheus"), and kinda look alike. A lot alike!

Writing about one of the dozen "Prometheus" trailers, Movieline's Jen Yamato called Marshall-Green "the American Tom Hardy." Good moniker -- though he'll always be Trey, Ryan Atwood's ne'er-do-well brother, to us. (Never forget!) Still, the Hardy-Green connection was mostly confirmed by the photos of Green accompanying trade reports about his new role as Tennessee Williams in "Lonely Hunter." Give that THR.com story a half-glance and you'd be certain it included a pic of Hardy.

So! In an effort to get to the bottom of this look-alike conundrum, HuffPost Entertainment compiled photos of both Hardy and Green at various events over the last few years. See how you do in guessing who's who -- answers appear at the end of the slideshow. No cheating!

Tom Hardy Or Logan Marshall Green?