Tom Hardy Wants To Return As Bane Because He's The Hero Gotham Deserves

"Do I want to return to the DC Comics Universe? Of course, I'm Bane."

You now have his permission to die of happiness.

We already know Tom Hardy has a lovely, lovely lip-syncing voice, but somehow the actor just got cooler. While talking with MTV about his new movie, "Legend," Hardy was asked if he wanted to return to the DC Comics Universe.

His response: "Of course, I'm Bane."

Before you completely lose it, the DC Extended Universe, which has movies like "Man of Steel" and the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," is not connected to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as ComicBook.com pointed out. So even if Hardy is down to reprise Bane, it doesn't mean it will happen.

That being said, if it does somehow work out, it could even turn out to be a "Mad Max" reunion, since director George Miller is rumored to be taking the helm of "Man of Steel 2." In other words, this movie would have a first-class ticket straight into Valhalla. 

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