An Open Letter to Tom Harkin (D-IA): I Demand My Money Back

Dear Senator Harkin:

I have learned that you are sitting on $2.4 million in your campaign funds. Some of that is my money.

I also just received an email from Harry Reid (D-NV) indicating how close several Senate races are, including the one in Iowa for your seat where a rabid Tea Party nut is running neck and neck with Congressman Bruce Braley (D-IA), and asking for a contribution.

Let me be clear. I did not contribute to your campaigns in the past so that you could erect a monument to yourself at a university in Iowa or any other place. If that is your bent, go out and raise charitable money for it after your term.

But, my money was not for that. You have done a bait-and-switch on me.

If you use my money for any purpose other than your own campaign (a moot point) or to support other Democrats running for the Senate (for which I grant you permission), I consider it a misappropriation, a breach of trust and, frankly, obscene.

If you hold on to that $2.4 million when this election has run, win-or-lose, I intend to get my money back. And, I will encourage everyone I know who may have contributed to you in the past to do the same.

I had thought better of you.

With hopes that you will think of the country ahead of yourself,

Very best regards,
Paul Abrams